Justin's Birthday Mad Hatter Tea Party - November

On the afternoon of Sunday 26th November, Justin celebrated his birthday with a Mad Hatter tea party (hats were obligatory but madness optional).
  • A collection of hats - A Haberdasher of Hats?
  • Mike nibbles Justin's brim...
  • Peter wears the fox hat
  • Derek and Andrew - Bad Girl and Naughty Boy
  • Tim loves a sausage, Simon loves nuts
  • Preet, Colette and Andy tuck in
  • Andy and Bryan
  • Adrian and Steve
  • Mexican maracas, both crackers!
  • The Mad Hatter and the Mexican
  • ...and Justin licks Mike's
  • No wonder Rob wore a hat with that hair!
  • One of Peter's many hats
  • Bryan in his Dutch cap
  • Suits you, sir!
  • Miss Marple looky-likey