Neil's Birthday Bash in Brighton - May

To celebrate Neil's birthday, which coincided with the May Bank Holiday, we visited Brighton for a long weekend of shopping, eating and drinking, with a few friends along the way
  • Beached boat for Daren and Justin
  • Neil and Justin pose for photos
  • Modern Morris dancers
  • A spot of afternoon tea
  • Burnt-out relics, and the old pier!
  • Peter joined us for a meal
  • Ready for our Mexican meal
  • You're supposed to sit not stand!
  • "I won't stand for it!"
  • She sells sea shells on the sea shore
  • Arch enemies!
  • Back to back on the bench
  • Butch on the beach
  • Neil tries to find a hunky volleyball player
  • Cheers for the Birthday Boy
  • Outside Legends where we stayed
  • See the sea!
  • About to go home