Mediterranean Cruise - April/May

To celebrate Daren's, Justin's and Kirsti's 40th birthdays in 2009, we embarked on a two week cruise around the Mediterranean (we said that Sarah could be an honorary 40 year old). The cruise was fantastic and we've got the cruising bug now!
  • Day 1: Palma - Day 2: At Sea

    Our first day was spent in Palma, where we met Catalina and family and saw Kirsti's flat. On the second day we were at sea and we had our safety drill, which was a bit of fun. In the evening Justin won a bottle of champagne in the "Blankety Blank" quiz!

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  • Day 3: Nice, Monaco and Monte Carlo

    Nice was nice! Whilst we were there, Monaco was gearing up for the next Grand Prix. Monte Carlo was obviously a playground for the rich, I'm surprised they let us in!

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  • Day 4: Rome

    After over an hour of travelling from the port to Rome, we were less than impressed with Rome itself! We visited the Vatican City (tick!) and saw the Sistine Chapel (tick!), visited the Colosseum (tick!) and got ripped off with the most expensive chicken and chips ever...

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  • Day 5: Naples (for Pompeii) - Day 6: At Sea

    Pompeii was huge and much further away from Mt. Vesuvius than we thought. The skeletons encased in plaster really brought home how rapidly the town was engulfed. We managed to see the ancient erotica whilst we were there!

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  • Day 7: Dubrovnik - Day 8: Cruising the Dalmatian Coast

    Dubrovnik was probably our favourite location on the whole cruise. Daren and Sarah saw more of the city via a bike tour, whilst Justin and Kirsti roamed the city walls. We all managed to partake in the best hot chocolate though! Whilst at sea on day 8, Justin ("Mouse") and Sarah ("Tigress") took part in pool side Gladiators, and we beat the entertainments team, hooray!

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  • Day 9: Venice

    Venice was another beautiful city and we all enjoyed a lovely gondola ride. One thing we didn't enjoy quite so much was the torrential rain and hail storm later in the day! Well, at least it washed the pigeon poo off Kirsti!

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  • Day 10: Koper

    Koper in Slovenia was a last minute addition to the itinerary and whilst it was quite a quiet place, it was great to visit another country. You wouldn't believe the size of tomatoes there!

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  • Day 11: Split - Day 12: At Sea

    Split was almost as lovely as Dubrovnik and between them they really made us want to have a holiday in Croatia. Being at sea for day 12 gave us plenty of time to play shuffleboard, with our own rules!

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  • Day 13: Messina (for Mt. Etna) - Day 14: At Sea - Day 15: Homeward Bound

    Visiting Mt. Etna was a strange experience. It took a very long time for the coach to climb from the sunny lower slopes to a height of 2000 ft (just over half way up) and then the mist came down and it hailed... It was like being on a different planet!

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